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Suggestions for version 2 are now closed. If you have any suggestions, you are still welcome to post them, but they may be pushed to the next major release.

Our roadmap for version 2 was scaled back and "revamped". Some of the changes that we were going to implement would going to be pretty massive, so we decided to scale it back and focus more on the full rewrite to Joomla! 3.5.x standards.

Build your own real estate agency site with Most Wanted Real Estate - it's easy!

Most Wanted Real Estate is our enterprise level property listings software for small businesses, offering you a powerful and feature rich solution at an extremely affordable price - FREE! It's the ultimate solution for small agencies who need an online property listings site - and it's perfect if you want to run a FSBO portal!

If you need more functionality, with more image layouts, and modules, you offer a subscription, which helps to cover the cost of continued development.

We have been working with Real Estate Agents with our iPALS RETS processing software, since 2008. During that time, we have forged some great relationships with our Real Estate Agent partners. Most Wanted Real Estate is being built by Stallion Online Services, LLC, but with heavy feedback, testing, and suggestions from Realtors. We're not just building Real Estate software to have Real Estate software. We're giving this a FRESH approach, and working closely with those that would actually use the software: Real Estate Agents.

Most Wanted Real Estate = Designed by Agents for Agents.

For several years we have been working with Kathy, the developer of EZ Realty for Joomla!.

We have enjoyed working with Kathy over the years, but due to some recent health issues that Kathy has been dealing with, she has "dropped off the face of the earth", so to speak. Emails are going unanswered, and clients are getting frustrated.

Due to the need to provide quality software to our clients, we have found it necessary to fork Kathy's project and implement several of the changes that we have needed done over the past several months.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

2.0 Development Update

The development of Most Wanted Real Estate 2.0 is ongoing. This is a fresh rebuild from the ground up. A lot of the functionality of version 1.0 will remain, but there are a number of changes taking place. New tables and fields have been added, and we're currently testing the alpha 1 build with the new fields. Once this build is tested, then we'll begin the process of styling, layout, adding maps, slideshows, image uploaders, etc.

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